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Carmen & Steve

"We were looking for a photographer in LA to take some photos, and we are so happy to have found Megan Abbott Photography! After my initial inquiry, Megan was professional, friendly, and accommodating. We wanted to schedule a session at bit of short notice, since we were only in LA for a few days, but we were able to book, and couldn’t wait for the session. Although we weren’t able to work with Megan directly, we worked with Allen and had so much fun! He kept us laughing the whole time. Allen was also very accommodating as we had to change locations, but it actually turned out better, since we were able to visit Laguna Beach for the first time. We received our photos about two weeks later, and they turned out beautifully! They perfectly capture the great memories that we had during our time in LA. If you have a chance to work with Megan and Allen, you will not be disappointed."

Vickie & Howard

"Megan is one of the first vendors we booked for our wedding. We were enamored by her work because we could feel the subjects' emotions and the liveliness of the day through her photos. Megan has this effortless ability in capturing candid moments and contrary to either the very dark or very washed out colors in most wedding photos these days, the color in Megan's photos are bright and they pop! We wanted a happy and celebratory vibe to our wedding photos and her style aligned with our vision.

Before booking I asked Megan a lot of questions via email, she promptly answered all of them. When we finally talked to her on the phone, her bubbliness and easy-going personality made us feel 100% certain that she was the right fit!

We booked Megan for both engagement and wedding day shoot. During the engagement shoot, Megan made us feel very comfortable and natural, all the while directing us here and there. Our photos were both intimately romantic and vibrantly happy! Even though one location had way too many crowds, Megan made the photos look like we were the only two people there.

On our wedding day, Megan and Allen went above and beyond to make sure the magic of the day was captured. They worked seamlessly to coordinate everyone for different photos, and they were so caring and meticulous about the details. Check this out, when I couldn't bear to walk in my heels anymore, and we needed to walk back to our venue after the photo shoot, Megan gave me her flats and she walked back barefoot! The day went on and I just felt that Megan and Allen were there whenever we needed them. They weren't just our photographers, they were friends whose presence we counted on and felt good about.

We simply could not ask for a better photographer team than Megan and Allen! There are so many reviews here that praised about being wonderful human beings and we absolutely agree. We truly feel blessed to have met them, have them be part of our once in a lifetime celebration."

Barbara & Griffin

"Both my husband and I can't believe how lucky we were to have found Megan. She's not only a fantastic photographer, she is also an amazing human being, and the same goes for Allen, her assistant and boyfriend. Megan was extremely kind and professional from our very first interaction. We had a simple wedding and she was willing to work with our budget, which really meant a lot to us and showed just what kind of professional she is - one that understands that everyone's stories, needs and limitations are different. Please note: this is not an invitation to attempt to hire Megan for less than what she is worth - believe me when I say that what she charges is more than reasonable for what you will get. Anyway, we met Megan in person to discuss the wedding and she was extremely attentive and just a delight to be around. She fully embraced our (somewhat) crazy ideas for our ceremony and was very excited. You can tell just by talking to her how much she loves her job. On the day itself, Megan really could not have done a better job. She was always prepared, photographed every angle we needed and many more, and to top it off she helped to calm me down when I got a little stressed out with all the logistics. If you hire Megan, she won't be just a ghost taking pictures in the corner; she will be there for you. And that really made a difference. Lastly, the photos turned out SO amazing that I have been staring at them for 3 days straight and don't intend to stop anytime soon. They look beautiful, ethereal, and very natural. She could not have captured our special day any better. THANK YOU MEGAN!!!"

McKenzie & Domanic

"My husband and I decided to run away and elope in California and needed to find a photographer, and stumbled across Megan Abbott Photography. I reached out and Megan responded immediately. She was unavailable on the day of our wedding, but she referred us to her partner Allen. We reached out to Allen and he was also extremely responsive and scheduled a video chat with us. After that, we were all set to go! The contract was extremely easy to fill out electronically, since we lived out of state. We decided we were going to go to the courthouse for the ceremony, and then head off to a beach to take more pictures and do some personal ceremonies. Allen drove an hour to meet us at the courthouse, was more than willing to be our witness, and then followed us to the beach afterwards. He was so accommodating, kind, and fun to be around. He has an amazing eye and took phenomenal pictures. He was able to get shots of things we asked him to, as well as add some of his own artsy ideas. We got our pictures back in an extremely timely manner and they are beautiful. I would recommend Megan and Allen to anyone who is looking for a photographer. We were extremely disappointed in our engagement photos and this team went above and beyond to ensure we did not have that same experience. They make a great team and are so much fun! We loved working with you guys so much, thank you for making our wedding day easy, stress free, and memorable! We knew you would do an incredible job, and will always be grateful for you both!"

Ashley & Sam

"Megan Abbott was an absolute joy to work with! Every step of the way she was wonderfully helpful and kind. She is able to display a great level of professionalism, all while she helped us feel comfortable in front of the camera. Megan photographed both our engagement photos and our wedding. On the wedding day, I was so nervous (as a bride tends to be) and when Megan walked into the cabin to take our photos, I was instantly relaxed and was so excited to see her! She has such a genuine way with people, and she truly loves photographing special moments in life. Not only did I get the most beautiful photos from Megan, but I also feel like my husband and I gained a new friend! I cannot stress enough how happy I am that I hired Megan to be apart of our big day (:"

Alyssa & James

"Megan is absolutely incredible. She and Allen have such a special talent, and truly have a knack for capturing that perfect moment. Our engagement photos came out stunning, and we have recommended her services to many friends. She made my fiance and I feel completely at ease (we both are not naturals in front of the camera) and directed us flawlessly each step of the way. I cannot recommend her enough."

Karolyn & Nick

"We absolutely LOVE how our photos turned out!
I reached out to Megan to get some engagement photos done.
The process was super easy and she was really friendly and responsive.
I gave her examples of photos I liked and told her how I wanted them to feel and she even went out of her way to scout for a location in Griffith Park before our shoot so they could find the perfect spot! Megan and Allen were super friendly and made us feel at ease during the shoot. Neither my fiance and I particularly enjoy getting photos taken, but they made it fun and carefree! Our photos turned out so magical and they were everything we wanted.
I would highly recommend Megan to anyone looking to get photos taken and I mean - just look at these photos. Simply breathtaking!"

Debby & Samson

"Thank you so much Megan for your absolutely amazing work! We are so glad that we chose Megan to be our photographer for our engagement in LA!! Megan is truly a professional photographer. Not only taking the most stunning photos, but they ( Megan & Alan) are also such wonderful people. They are both caring, kind, helpful and patient. They are easy and fun to work with, and they make you feel natural in front of the camera. All the photos we got are exactly what we look for. So dreamy & romantic!! We have received lots of compliment about our engagement photos!! Megan is brilliant with camera angles and lighting, and she made the end product look ethereal, elegant and timeless. We will definitely rate Megan Abbott Photography a 10 out of 10, and I recommend them to all couples!"

Kelly & Andrew

"I have had the privilege of knowing Megan since we were both in 7th grade (we are both 24 now). Life brought us different ways, but the moment Andrew and I got engaged, I knew I wanted her to be our photographer; there is something extra special when you KNOW the person behind the lens and they are really able to capture the person you are.

We met up for a consultation back home in Brevard County, FL and discussed what we were looking for and caught up on years past. When it came for our engagement shoot, Megan met us up in Winter Park, FL to do a shoot at Leu Gardens. We were so nervous to be in front of a camera, but Megan made everything manageable and fun! Nothing FELT posed, even "posed" shots - it was just all natural and full of love. She would have us do little acts like whisper in the other's ear to get these adorable, intimate shots, and then a second later you would get a genuine, full-belly-laughing smile. We LOVED our engagement photos and received the gallery within 2 weeks; we even used one of the sneak peek photos as our "Save the Date" card!

Between the engagement and wedding, I decided I wanted to do something special for my future husband, so I enlisted Megan's help in doing a bridal boudoir shoot. I was SO NERVOUS, y'all. Like, I would not have thought of this idea if she were not the photographer. But once again, Megan made everything easy going and even dare-I-say fun! In hindsight, I am so glad we did it. I'm a thin girl, but we all have our own critiques...these photos were BEAUTIFUL!

Finally, we had THE WEDDING. I am running out of positive adjectives to use (and space). Megan hit all of my "must have" shots and went above and beyond during the day. She and her second shooter worked very well with the videographer and we could not be more pleased with the results. Everything is GORGEOUS and will be treasured forever. Thank you, Megan!!!!"

Eva & Marco

"What an absolute gem! Megan puts you completely at ease while photographing and has a kind, energetic spirit that truly added to the day. Her glowing personality was a much appreciated asset to our day. After unfortunate changes to the date and location of the wedding, she was so gracious and flexible and made a nightmare a non-issue and completely calmed me over the ordeal. Her pictures were so stunning! She was my first choice, and after doing some research, I couldn't find anyone else whose portfolio I LOVED and kept coming back to Megan's beautiful work as the unmatched example. She photographed our day with lovely candor. The pictures are so genuine and natural. In our wedding pictures, my husband and I look like ourselves, instead of strangers, which so often seems to happen in wedding photos. We were the most lovely versions of ourselves and she somehow captured our personalities and essence. For lack of a better term, it was so "us"! We get to enjoy looking at each other as we were instead of a false, over-edited recreation of us. My husband, who doesn't like posing, was very comfortable during our bride and groom shoot. Megan gently guided what felt natural and produced stunning results. She was simply the best choice and so wonderful to work with! Her work speaks for itself and I confidently recommend her for reasons beyond that. Megan is a very talented up and coming photographer and the opportunity to work with her should not be missed as she gains notoriety."

Sewwandi & Taylor

"We had two weddings and Megan and Allen photographed both. I am still amazed by how they were able to capture the love, excitement and intimacy of our small(20 person) ceremony and our big (200 person celebration).

Our first ceremony was in March, it was a Buddhist/Christian ceremony with just family. On the day of the ceremony it was cold and drizzling so everything got moved to a small indoor area. Megan and Allen captured so many amazing moments that day without affecting the the closeness and intimacy of the ceremony at all. Its like they weren't even there. She took great care of me when we took some quick shots outside(I insisted on some pictures in the garden) and checked in on me to make sure I wasn't getting to cold. Our pictures turned out amazing.

Our second ceremony was an outdoor wedding and reception in June that involved a traditional Sri Lankan and Kandyan ceremony with lots of parts. Megan and Allen put time in to learning all the customs of the "poruwa" ceremony and captured my cultural traditions beautifully. This ceremony was so much larger and I often felt overwhelmed on top of being weighed down by all the tradional jewelry(a headdress and 7 large necklaces) Megan was always there behind me, not just to take photos but to make sure I was ok or hydrated. I can't express how important and amazing it was to have a photographer that can read the bride.

Megan's experience, talent and compassion come together to give you the most stress free experience.: